Samsung-Medison UGEO H60

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Samsung Medison UGEO H60 Ultrasound System

The UGEO H60 implements superior performance with
new design principles of simplicity and lightness. Its 10.1”
touchscreen improves usability while its 21.5” LED monitor
enhances clinical images.

• Hybrid Beamforming Engine
• S-Flow™
• Beam Steering
• Volume NT & IT™
• 3D eXtended Imaging™ (3D XI™)
• Enhanced 4D Imaging
• Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™)
• QuickScan™
• 21.5-inch LED monitor and Touch Screen
• Digital TGC Preset
• Customisable Touch Menu
• Users’ Customisable Keys
• Ergonomic Design


Samsung-Medison UGEO H60


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